Can you cut frozen meat with an electric knife?

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I usually don’t like to cut frozen meat, because actually it’s not cutting the meat, rather it’s sawing. But, sometimes we badly need to cut those stone hard meat. And whenever we need to do so, it’s always better to thaw the frozen meat which takes a long time.

Moreover, it’s a very challenging process to cut the meat in the kitchen. Chopping on the frozen meat can easily lead to disappointments as it can mess the rest of the meat. So, this question may arise in the mind: can you cut frozen meat with an electric knife?

All the top level chefs recommend that the best way to cut frozen meat is by defrosting which makes the meat soft. And when your meat becomes soft, you can easily cut it with a knife, meat slicer or a saw. But, an electric knife can help cut the frozen meat almost instantly. Let’s see the procedures-

How to cut frozen meat with an electric knife?

An electric knife is the most used tool to cut frozen meat without any hassle. But, this knife is one of the kitchen tools that require flawless skill to handle it. Once you’ve the required skill, it becomes the easiest option to cut through the toughest frozen meat. However, these are the steps to cut frozen meat using an electric knife.

Step 1:

Place the meat on a flat surface. It can be your countertop. Make sure there’s a power source next to your countertop. Then, plug the knife into the power socket and wrap the cord around your arm.

Step 2:

Then, make sure your fingers are away from the running blade. This is one of the safety cautions I consider. Remember that getting the fingers close to the blade may cause shedding your blood.

Step 3:

Now, put your forefinger on the power button of the knife and get ready to start cutting. Just pressing the start/power button of your electric knife will make it run and easing your finger will make it stop.

Step 4:

If everything is fine, then carefully lower the blade to the frozen meat, press the power button and move it forward and backward. You’ve to put some pressure on the blade to cut the meat deeply.

Don’t forget to turn the meat upside down if your blade can’t go through the thick piece of frozen meat smoothly. Then run the knife again and move it forward.

Frozen meat is very tough and the electric knife runs very fast. So, you should learn the skill first and then try to cut frozen meat under the supervision of someone who can use the knife properly. At first, you should try cutting the small thin pieces. Then go through the thick ones. No more today. Hope you enjoy cutting frozen meat with an electric knife.

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